2019 National Competition Class List and Rules

Updated: 28 April, 2019

You can download a copy of the Class lists and Rules here.

Class A – Aircraft

A1 NZ Aircraft
A2 Military Aircraft Smaller than 1/48 – Single Prop
A3 Military Aircraft Smaller than 1/48 – Multi Prop
A4 Military Aircraft Smaller than 1/48 – Jet
A5 Military Aircraft 1/48 – Single Prop
A6 Military Aircraft 1/48 – Multi Prop
A7 Military Aircraft 1/48 – Jet
A8 Military Aircraft 1/32-1/24 – WW1
A9 Military Aircraft 1/32-1/24 – WW2
A10 Military Aircraft 1/32-1/24 – Post WW2
A11 Helicopters – All Scales
A12 Civilian Aircraft – All Scales
A13 Box Stock – All Scales

Class B – Military Vehicles

B1 NZ Military Vehicles
B2 Military Vehicles Smaller than 1/48 – WW2 and earlier
B3 Military Vehicles Smaller than 1/48 – Post WW2
B4 Military Vehicles & Equipment 1/48
B5 Armoured Vehicles 1/35-1/32 WW2 and earlier
B6 Armoured Vehicles 1/35-1/32 WW2 – Post WW2
B7 Soft Skinned Vehicles 1/35-1/32 – All Types
B8 Towed Artillery & Miscellaneous Military Equipment
B9 Military Vehicles 1/16 – All Types
B10 Box Stock – All Scales

Class C – Civilian Vehicles

C1 NZ Vehicles
C2 Vehicle – Open Wheel
C3 Vehicles – Factory Stock
C4 Vehicles – Modified (Custom/Hotrod/Tuner)
C5 Vehicles – Closed Wheel
C6 Motorcycles
C7 Trucks & Commercials
C8 Box Stock – All Scales

Class D – Dioramas

D1 Diorama – All Types
Class E – Ships
E1 Ships – 1/500 and Smaller
E2 Ships – Larger than 1/500
E3 Ships – 1/48 and Larger
E4 Submarines – All Scales

Class F – Figures

F1 NZ Figures
F2 Figures – Smaller than 120mm (1/16)
F3 Figures – 120mm (1/16) and Larger
F4 Busts
F5 Vignettes
F6 Fantasy Figures

Class G – Science, Sci-Fi & Miscellaneous

G1 Fictional Craft
G2 Missiles and Vehicles
G3 Real Spacecraft
G4 Collections
G5 Any Subject not covered elsewhere

Class J – Junior

J1 Aircraft
J2 Military
J3 Civilian Vehicles
J4 Figures
J5 Ships
J6 Sci-fi and Miscellaneous
J7 Diorama

Class K – Constructors Class

K1 Constructed but Unpainted Models – All Types & Scales

Class N – Non I.P.M.S

N1 Aircraft
N2 Military
N3 Civilian Vehicles
N4 Figures
N5 Sci fi and Miscellaneous

2019 New Zealand I.P.M.S National Competition Rules

The 2019 New Zealand IPMS National Competition Chief Judge is Mr. Leslie Smith.

  1. Place getting models in any previous I.P.M.S National Competitions (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd) are not eligible to re-enter the 2019 I.P.M.S National Competition. Any model that has been previously placed as above can be placed in the Model Expo section.
  2. Awards will be by Gold, Silver, Bronze and Highly Commended ribbon with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awarded in each class.
  3. Models will be judged by I.P.M.S Christchurch appointed judges. Please indicate your availability when entering if you are able to assist with judging. Entries shall be judged according to the I.P.M.S Christchurch judging guide.
  4. All judge’s decisions are final. No debate or correspondence will be entered into. Feedback from judges is permitted on Sunday the 8th once all judging is complete. This allows a modeler to improve by receiving constructive feedback.
  5. To be eligible for “Best NZ Subject” the model must be entered in the appropriate NZ section. The only exceptions to this will be NZ subjects in Diorama, Ships, Science-Sci-Fi & Miscellaneous and the Junior class.
  6. To be eligible for “Best D-Day & Normandy Campaign Subject” the model must depict an aircraft, vehicle, figure or ship/boat that took part in the Normandy Campaign between 6 June and 30 August 1944. Please indicate this when entering.
  7. To be eligible for “Best Constructed Subject” the model must have been completely constructed with no paint applied.
  8. Collections will consist of 4 or more closely related items (eg: four different WW2 tanks would not be a collection but four Sherman tanks would). The collection must be the sole work of the entrant.
  9. Bases are allowed in all categories. They will not be considered in the judging except in the diorama or vignette’s classes or where 2 models may be tied for a placing. All endeavors will be made not to handle models not on a base.
    Any models entered on bases must be securely fixed to that base or it must be made clear that the model is not fixed to that base.
  10. A diorama shall generally be aircraft and or vehicles with figures on a single scenic base depicting a scene. Note: a single figure, vehicle or aircraft displayed on a base with ground cover will not constitute a diorama. A vignette shall generally be 2-3 figures on a single scenic base depicting a scene.
  11. Box stock classes are intended to recognize excellent models produced from the materials provided in the box from the manufacturer. For those entering Box Stock please note the following:
  • Original instructions must be supplied with your entry.
  • Alternative decals may be used.
  • No aftermarket or scratch built detailing allowed.
    International Plastic Modellers Society, Christchurch. (Inc)
  • No alterations are to be made to the material of the kit (i.e. no thinning of edges, no drilling of parts.
  • Panel lines may be repaired if damaged during construction. Extensive rescribing of panel lines is not permitted.
  1. Entries may comprise of any generally accepted modeling material (i.e. plastic, resin, wood or metal). All models must have been built and painted by the entrant.
  2. Junior class entrants must be 16 years of age or younger at the time of the competition.
  3. Final class and category placement of models is at the discretion of the Competition Committee.
  4. I.P.M.S Christchurch will take all care with your models but will accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur.
  5. Entries may be removed from the tables from 3pm, Sunday 8th of September. If you need to remove your model earlier please organize this when entering with the competition committee.

2019 Competition Entry Form

Print, fill it in it and bring it with you
– Print, fill it in, scan and return it to [email protected]
– Or get one at the venue when you arrive

Entry fee – $5-00 per entry – up to a maximum fee of $10-00 for 2 or more models